Once you’ve decided that you want to do and test yourself for sexual transmissive infections it’s good to know where you can do it. In Stockholm there is a number of clinics and youth clinics you can go to to test yourself. Most clinics also offers the opportunity to talk about testing and other questions you have about sexually transmissive diseases. You have the right to test yourself for free and to get treatment for STIs that are covered by the Communicable Diseases Act free of charge. This includes Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, HIV, Chlamydia and Syphilis.

Below you can find addresses and phone numbers to different clinics that passed the Goldstar-evaluation in Stockholm. This means that RFSL Stockholm has reviewed these clinics which we consider safe to refer to.

In some clinics you need to book beforehand, in others it is fine to show up under drop-in hours.

The Goldstar clinics for 2022 will be updated this summer.

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