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RFSL Stockholm is the local Stockholm chapter of RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. We have many activities for and by LGBT people in Stockholm – read more about this on our website.

This page is based on interviews with men who have experience of selling sex. We thank you warmly! The editor for the page is Emil Briones Ahlén at RFSL Stockholm. All texts have been written by RFSL Stockholm’s staff and reviewed by Rose Alliance, Venhälsan STI clinic and RFSL sexologist Suzann Larsdotter together with members of the sex work community.

RFSL on the Sex Purchase Act

Here is a text from RFSL on our position on the Sex Purchase Act.

RFSL Stockholm on alcohol and drugs

In Sweden, we make a distinction between legal drugs and illegal drugs. Alcohol is a legal drug, and so are some medicines that are classified as narcotics and only available with a prescription from a doctor. Some effects of alcohol and other drugs can feel nice, like feeling a stronger sex drive for a while, or finding it easier to relax and talk to people. Other effects are unpleasant or dangerous, and risk leading to hard consequences now and in the future. Some illegal drugs are cocaine, amphetamine and ecstasy.

Alcohol and many other drugs are addictive, whether we like it or not. The addiction can be mental and/or physical. If you use a drug regularly, you often need higher doses after a while to get the same effect as before. After a time, the drug may not get you high anymore and just give you negative feelings. Then, you can feel like you need the drug to feel ”normal” and handle everyday life.

En.rodaparaplyet.org  is a web site that aims to help people who sell sex have better sexual health, no matter if you drink or take illegal drugs or not. The relationship between alcohol/drugs and sex is complicated. Studies show that there are connections between drug use, alcohol and unsafe sex. If you are drunk or high, there is a greater risk of forgetting to use a condom – so it is extra important to be well prepared and have condoms and lubricant handy if you drink or take illegal drugs. Some drugs and medical products are also often used for sex, such as poppers. Therefore, we feel that it is important to have information about this on a site about sexual health. Being sober during sex is always the best thing, because then your judgment is clear. This lessens the risk of doing things you would not do otherwise, and the body’s signals are also clear so you do not risk things like hurting yourself because you can’t feel pain.

RFSL Stockholm’s texts do not presume that the reader is HIV negative. Likewise, we do not presume that our readers do not use alcohol or drugs. We want to give comprehensive and correct information on drugs and their consequences. This is important information to have in order to have control of your health. We do not turn a blind eye to the serious and negative consequences of alcohol and drugs. A life without drugs is always better than a life with drugs or too much alcohol.


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